PowerShell Quick Tip: Use the command argument last when calling PowerShell.exe

Have you ever tried calling PowerShell.exe with the -NoExit argument and wondered why PowerShell is still exiting when it’s done your script?  For example, if you want to quickly launch a new clean PowerShell session that immediately runs a script, you might run this:

PowerShell.exe -Command “your script” -NoExit

When you do this, PowerShell still exits after it is done with your script.  Also, if you were paying attention it likely reports an error that references “NoExit”.  It seems that this happens because PowerShell.exe looks at all arguments after -Command and treats them as the command you want to execute in your new PowerShell session.

The solution to this problem is simple.  Always make -Command the last named argument in your argument list.  Looking at the above example, that means rearranging the command to look like this instead:

PowerShell.exe -NoExit -Command “your script

This will execute your script and leave PowerShell open for you to work with it afterwards.

Kirk out.

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