The train has left the station…are you on it?

It is not at all unusual for me to be continually amazed by PowerShell and how strongly it is being embraced by the community.  Judging from other members of the PowerShell community, I’m not the only one by a longshot.  Yesterday evening I was at home listening to the most recent PowerScripting Podcast where they announced that VMWare “gets it”.  VMWare announced recently at their recent VMworld conference that they will be providing cmdlets to manage VMs on ESX server.  How great is that!  Also, VMWare has started a new PowerShell blog, and judging from the first two entries that they’ve posted, it will definitely be worth reading.

With virtual machines increasing in importance in organizations all the time, it will be great to be able to manage them via PowerShell.  Thanks VMWare!

Kirk out.

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