PowerGUI 1.0.11 release is just around the corner!

According to Dmitry Sotnikov‘s most recent blog post, the next release of PowerGUI (version 1.0.11) is slated for next week.  It may even be available by the time you read this post!  I have had the great pleasure of beta testing PowerGUI 1.0.11 for the past week or so, and this is another fantastic release of this truly great product.

As with previous upgrades to PowerGUI it only takes a few minutes with the new version to see that the PowerGUI team has been very busy enhancing this product.  I hadn’t even finished the installation of the new version when I became totally distracted after noticing one of the enhancements in this version, the PowerGUI Script Editor.  This feature is great news for the PowerShell Community!  Finally a PowerShell script editor with great features that facilitate writing scripts even when you don’t know the syntax by heart, and a free one to boot!  Working with PowerShell just got much, much easier.

Add to that the performance improvements to the startup time for PowerGUI and all of the bug fixes, and you’ve got yourself another great release from the PowerGUI product team!  For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes, check the PowerGUI Feature Map page.

For those of you who haven’t tried PowerGUI yet, this would be a great release to start with!  It’s free and it adds a ton of value to working with PowerShell so there’s really no reason not to try it if you’re even remotely interested in PowerShell and wondering what all the fuss is about.  Plus there is a very active PowerGUI community where you can post questions, notify the developers about possible defects, watch webcasts to see how it works, and raise enhancement requests.  The PowerGUI team actively monitors and participates in the community, so if you need help with anything or want to start a discussion about using PowerShell with PowerGUI, about PowerGUI itself or about the Quest AD cmdlets, this is the right place to go!  I’m a regular on the community forums and will likely try to respond to your questions if someone from the PowerGUI or Quest AD cmdlets teams doesn’t get back to you first.

Kudos to the PowerGUI team for the fantastic products they’re producing!  I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

Kirk out.

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