It’s a great time to be a Poshoholic!

What a fun time to be working with PowerShell!

Just this weekend I got my hands on the beta of PowerShell Plus and I started looking at the new PowerShell Community site that soft-launches tomorrow.  Last Monday PowerGUI 1.0.11 was released with the fantastic PowerGUI Script Editor.  On Friday version 1.0.5 of the Quest AD Cmdlets was released.  The Virtual PowerShell User Group hosted their inaugural meeting earlier this month (if you missed this you can get the recorded video here).  Local user groups are starting to talk about PowerShell and spread the good word.  PowerShell Analyzer 1.0 is about a week away.  Next month Jeffrey Snover will be presenting new features in PowerShell 2.0 at TechEd IT Forum 2007 in Barcelona (I hope there will be a webcast for that session!).  VMWare is providing a technology preview of their ESX server snapin to testers soon.  The library of PowerShell books that are available keeps growing.  More and more Microsoft and third-party products are releasing with their own PowerShell snapins.  Add to that PowerGadgets, PowerShell Community Extensions, the PowerScripting Podcast, several active community sites, a busy newsgroup, lots of webcasts, many other PowerShell projects on CodePlex and likely a bunch of things I’m not able to think of right now and you can’t help but feel that it really is a great time to be a Poshoholic!  Are you on the train yet?

Kirk out.

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8 thoughts on “It’s a great time to be a Poshoholic!

  1. The UK PowerShell User Group group formed in November 2006 with meetings every two months since January. I think categorising us as “starting to talk about PowerShell…” is damming by faint praise.

    Its just as valid to state that the rest of the world is just beginning to think about catching up with us 😉

  2. Well, I was actually referring to non-PowerShell user groups starting to talk about PowerShell. In particular, here in Ontario Canada it’s only been fairly recently that local user groups have started discussing PowerShell, hence my comment. Naturally PowerShell-centric user groups are going much further than that, and I know the UK PowerShell User Group has been around a long time already. My bad for not mentioning that specifically. I should have distinguished between the two. Sorry about that Richard.

  3. Hi Kirk,

    I’ve forgot your email. At this week bootcamp, I mentionned that you can pull out from Windows 2008 core the list of commands most frequently used to configure it. Here it is: cscript scregedit.wsf /cli

    Appreciated your presentation. Thanks.

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