Improving the PowerGUI out-of-the-box experience

One of the things that I’ve been tasked with as part of my PowerGUI duties is to improve the PowerGUI out-of-the-box experience by adding new nodes, links and actions to the default PowerGUI tree so that you get a richer set of functionality right off the bat.  In order to do this right the first time, I’d like to solicit input from any PowerGUI users out there who have either added functionality to the tree that they’d like to share or who would like to put some requests on the table for functionality that they’d like to see in the default PowerGUI tree.

For starters I’d like to stick with the existing root nodes we have in the tree and get your feedback on things you would like to see to enhance that offering with additional functionality.  If you would like to contribute, please either leave a comment on this blog, post a suggestion to the PowerGUI community forums, or email me directly.  My email address ID is simply the title of this blog and I’m using Google’s free email service.  Hopefully that’s not too cryptic for you to piece it together.  The hoops we have to jump through to avoid being discovered by web crawling spam bots… )

Kirk out.

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