How to create a PowerPack

A little while back Marco Shaw invited me to present at one of the PowerShell Virtual User Group meetings he runs regularly.  I was quite looking forward to presenting, and I was going to demonstrate how you can extend the PowerGUI administration console as well as how you can share these extensions by exporting them in PowerPacks and making them available to the PowerShell community.  Creating PowerPacks is a large part of what I do at work every day, and I get a lot of questions about how to do it, so I was looking forward to being able to answer those questions in my demonstration.

Unfortunately I had some challenges in front of me at the time and I ended up cancelling my presentation (sorry Marco!).  Still, I really wanted to show how PowerGUI can be extended and how PowerPacks are made, so I recently recorded a screencast that contains pretty much everything I was hoping to show off in my presentation.  Are you interested in learning how you can extend PowerGUI and how you can create your own PowerPacks?  You can check out the screencast/tutorial I made here.

Are there other screencasts/tutorials you would like to see for PowerShell and/or PowerGUI?  Let me know.  If comments don’t work for you, you can find my contact information in my about page.

And lastly, are there things you would like to see in the PowerPacks that come with PowerGUI?  Are there PowerPacks that you would like to see that aren’t published yet?  Let me know that as well!

Kirk out.

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