EnergizeIT Certification Bootcamp slide decks now available

Whether you attended the EnergizeIT Certification Bootcamp 2008 National User Group Tour or not, you might want to check out the slide decks that were presented.  Kai Axford and I presented a ton of content over a 2½ to 3 hour period.  There were three sessions presented, as follows:

Session 1: Security in a Virtual World

Session 2: Windows Server 2008 & Virtualization

Session 3: Making Security a Career

I should note that the session order changed slightly and the content was tweaked after the first few stops on the tour.  Also as Kai and I mentioned during the tour there are additional slides included in these slide decks that were hidden during the tour, so now you can get access to those slides in addition to those we presented as well.

There is a lot of great material in these slide decks, so you should take a look.  I’ve linked the session names to the slide decks, but you can also find them on the official bootcamp website in the sidebar on the right-hand side near the bottom.

Do you use virtualization in your environment?  Are you sure you’re thinking about everything you need to with respect to virtualization security?  Check out the slide deck for session 1.  There may be some things you haven’t considered that you should definitely look at.  Or maybe you just want to learn more about Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager — that’s in there too.

Windows Server 2008 brings a lot of new features and usage scenarios to the table.  Server Manager, Server Core and my personal favorite, PowerShell were demoed, and many other features were discussed.  Check out the session 2 slide deck for more information (including the PowerShell resources I talked about during the demos).

Are you doing the job today that you want to be doing 10 years from now?  Do you want to be telling your manager in 2018 that you just finished the automated rollout of Windows Server 2018 using PowerShell? That might sound pretty cool today (it sounds pretty cool to me today), but you might want to be the manager being told that the rollout is complete instead of the one doing the rollout by then, or maybe you have something completely different in mind for your future career.  The session 3 slide deck has some great content about career management.  The emphasis is on making a security career, but the content is very generic and can be applied to making many changes in your career.  Personally, I love the slides that talk about the three rules for recession proofing and have been following those for a while now.  I used these rules last year to redirected my career towards PowerShell and that lead to me joining the PowerGUI team where I continue to work happily today.  The rules are great for recession proofing, general career management and redirection as well.  If you are considering a career change in the future, internal to your current company or external, you should seriously check the session 3 slide deck out.

If you have problems accessing any of these slide decks, let me know and I’ll try to help work it out for you.

Kirk out.

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