Introduction to the Hyper-V PowerPack Screencast

I recently published a new screencast on the PowerGUI Documentation page called “Introduction to the Hyper-V PowerPack“.  If you want to learn a little bit about what this PowerPack can offer you and how you can get started using it, take a few minutes and watch the screencast today!

In case you haven’t had a chance to see some of the functionality that this PowerPack provides you with, I’m including a few screenshots below to give you a quick preview.  Or, if you want to see the list of custom functions that drive the functionality in this PowerPack, read my blog post titled, “Use PowerPacks to Learn PowerShell“.

Managing VMs using the Hyper-V PowerPack:

Managing Snapshots using the Hyper-V PowerPack:

Kirk out.

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5 thoughts on “Introduction to the Hyper-V PowerPack Screencast

    1. Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for letting me know it isn’t working on Windows 8. I’m not too surprised, given that there are some breaking changes in PowerShell 3 that have affected other scripts I have written. I haven’t spent any time developing or testing the PowerPacks that I have written in a long time though. I’ll keep a mental note that this isn’t working, but unfortunately I have no free time to fix it in the near future. If you need one of the PowerPacks I have written for business though, and would like to hire me as a contractor to update them to meet your business needs, I’m happy to discuss those opportunities at any time.


      Kirk out.

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