VMware Infrastructure PowerPack 2.0 is now available

Were you  curious what was hiding inside that gold box in theimage  PowerGUI train?  Keeping with the spirit of giving, I just finished publishing version 2.0 of the VMware Infrastructure Management PowerPack.  A lot of effort went into this PowerPack, which ended up including a complete restructuring of the elements in the tree, as well as the addition of a lot of new functionality that was not available in previous versions, all for free just like the many other PowerPacks that are available for PowerGUI.

A few highlights in this version include:

  • Easy management of multiple VMware Virtual Center, ESX, ESXi or Virtual Server hosts from within one console.
  • Single sign-on to multiple hosts that use the same credentials.
  • Support for browsing through any of the inventory hierarchical views that are available in Virtual Center.
  • Management of virtualization elements within one host or across many hosts through the same set of links and actions.
  • Reporting and management of sessions, datacenters, clusters, resource pools, hosts, folders, virtual machines, templates, snapshots, networks, datastores, files, tasks and log files.

You can learn more about this PowerPack, including version history and other details here.  You can download it from that location as well.

Still not convinced you should give the VMware Infrastructure Management PowerPack a look?  Below you can click on a few screenshots to get a taste of what you’ll find if you do.

Browsing the Virtual Center hierarchy while managing snapshot files

Managing host sessions

Managing virtual machines

Looking into log files

If you manage VMware hosts or if you are interested in writing scripts against VMware hosts using PowerShell, I strongly encourage you to give this PowerPack a look.

As always, feedback on this PowerPack and all others is welcome and appreciated.  If you want to see something in the PowerPack, just ask!  You can either contact me directly (see my about page), or you can post your request using the PowerGUI forums.  We’re listening!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Kirk out.

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