Learn PowerShell v2 features using PowerShell code snippets

Learning and using PowerShell v2 features just got easier!  Earlier this week I uploaded a collection of PowerShell v2 code snippets to the PowerGUI website, and they are ready for you to download and use.  All you need to do is follow the installation instructions in the snippet document.

Once you have the snippets installed, watch the screencast that demonstrates how you can learn more about some PowerShell v2 features by using the v2 code snippets.  You can watch it in flash format with a table of contents, or you can watch the YouTube version below.

Want to see more snippets?  Let me know which areas of PowerShell you would like to see covered in snippets by leaving me a note in the comments.


Kirk out.

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8 thoughts on “Learn PowerShell v2 features using PowerShell code snippets

  1. Thanks Kirk.
    Is there perhaps any written guide to making best use of PowerGUI ?
    The videos are superb but occasionaly the brain needs to just cruise
    and read the words again and again to get the point .. a reflection
    upon the individual rather than any failing in your enthuiastic presentations.
    You must all be aware of what a good job you’re doing so I shan’t bore you with lauding your achievements …
    Regards to Dmitry [ woke this morning thinking of him as Dotnikov !! I was probably dreaming of my just-ordered Dell Studio 15, 64 bit, Vista/Win7, 4M etc. in Plum Purple (should I ever wish to take my PowerShell ‘on the road’) ]

    1. Thanks for the great feedback Andy. At the moment there isn’t a written guide for PowerGUI. I want to take that project on at some point, however there are some challenges (such as working with an awesome team that keeps adding cool new core features so quickly that they would make such a guide appear out of date before it was even published!). However I wonder if I could provide you with something in the meantime, that may end up as a blog post or an entry on our wiki rather than as a guide. Can you be more specific about the sort of things you would like to see in such a guide? I can come up with plenty of content ideas but I would like to see if I can put something together that can answer your questions and round out the videos I’ve been posting rather than simply push out my ideas on what you might like to see.

      Thanks again for the feedback!

      Kirk out.

  2. Two textbooks that I have found to be very helpful are Windows PowerShell 2.0 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant by William R. Stanek and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShhell, TFM by Jeffrey Hicks.

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