Online help in the PowerGUI Script Editor

Today I’d like to share a little more of what I’ve been working on recently.  Here’s another teaser of something you’ll be able to get for free in the PowerGUI Script Editor very soon:

Online help in the PowerGUI Script Editor

And if you missed the cool Rock-Paper-Scissors support as well, go check out Tuesday’s blog post! 😉

More to come!

Kirk out.

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One thought on “Online help in the PowerGUI Script Editor

  1. […] Taking the PowerGUI Train Down to New Orleans June 4, 2010 Kirk Munro Leave a comment Go to comments This weekend I’m heading down to New Orleans, LA for Tech·Ed 2010 North America.  I’m totally excited about the trip because (a) I’ve never been to New Orleans and (b) Tech·Ed is always a ton of fun!  This year I’ll be working the PowerShell booth again plus I’ll be hanging around the Quest booth quite a bit when I’m not in a breakout session.  One of the fun things I’ll be doing while I’m there is on Monday June 7th at 2:15 PM CST (mark your calendar!) when I’ll be at the Quest booth taking questions about PowerShell and PowerGUI and doing demos of some cool new features that we’ve been busy working on, such as a blue PowerShell Console and Online Help. […]

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