PowerGUI® Challenge 2010 Winners!

Several weeks ago on November 15, the 2010 PowerGUI Challenge contest came to a close.  The challenge was great this year and we received a lot of fantastic contest entries, with many in the Script Editor Add-on category that was new to this year’s contest.  Since the close of the contest, myself and the many esteemed judges who had volunteered their time this year for the contest have been busy reviewing contest entries, trying them out to see how they work, looking at the scripts they contain, and assigning scores to each entry.  It has taken a while, but today the last results for the contest came in and I have added up the judges scores and calculated the participation (activity) scores so now I can share the results with you.  Without further ado, here are the winners of the Quest Software’s PowerGUI Challenge 2010:

Most Active Participant James Brundage from Start-Automating who contributed 6 add-ons during the contest including the WMI Spy Add-on and the Demo PowerShell Add-on (1st and 2nd runner-up in the Best Add-on category)!
Second Most Active Participant Phillip Sullivan from MVP Systems Software who published a great JAMS PowerPack, and also threw in JAMS Job Scheduler snippets just for fun!
Best PowerPack Adam Murray for his fantastic
HP Virtual Connect Management Pack!
Best Add-on Denniver Reining for his awesome
Snippet Manager Add-on!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Most of the winners are new to our PowerGUI contests, but there is one seasoned veteran in this list.  A special kudos goes out to Adam Murray for his hat trick: Adam has taken home prizes in our contest for three years in a row!  In 2009 he won the Best PowerPack award with his IIS 7 PowerPack and in 2008 he won two awards, one for Most Active Participant in the first sprint in 2008 with his SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services PowerPack and another for Second Most Active Participant in the second sprint in 2008 with his WebSphere MQ PowerPack.  Way to go Adam!

If you’re one of the winners, we’ll be contacting you shortly about your prize.

I also have to thank everyone who participated in the contest.  Honorable mentions go to DJ Grijalva for the SharePoint 2010 PowerPack and Gyorgy Nemesmagaci for the Help Browser Add-on.  These were both great entries that made the competition very close.

Whether you participated in the contest or not, I strongly encourage you to check out these entries as well as others by visiting the PowerGUI Challenge 2010 contest folder or by visiting the PowerGUI Library on PowerGUI.org.  The PowerGUI Library contains dozens of Script Editor Add-ons, Admin Console PowerPacks, snippets, other fun items such as desktop wallpaper, and much more.  There’s a lot of really great value waiting for you in that library to make your PowerShell experience even better!

Happy scripting!

Kirk out.

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