PowerGUI® reaches 1,000,000 downloads!

Today is a major milestone in the history of PowerGUI.  PowerGUI has been downloaded 1,000,000 times since the release of the first public version of PowerGUI freeware that went beta on March 28, 2007!  This couldn’t have happened without the strong community that has grown around PowerGUI and PowerGUI.org.  PowerGUI would simply not be the great product that it is today without you, so thank you for your continued support!

Here is the download count history since March 2007:

Note that this does not represent the actual number of users of PowerGUI.  This represents the number of times that PowerGUI has been manually downloaded from the PowerGUI.org site by a user who left-clicks on the download link.  Right-clicks are not counted, so these numbers are not 100% accurate but they give an impression of the growth of the community, and that growth is pretty amazing.  Even without perfectly accurate numbers, I’m thrilled with the success that PowerGUI has achieved and I am very proud to be a part of it!

I think this calls for some fireworks, don’t you?  With the release of PowerGUI Pro and PowerGUI 2.3 that I published last week, I also uploaded the Christmas 2010 wallpaper to our download site, complete with fireworks coming from the smoke stack on the train.


If you’d like to have this wallpaper on your computer desktop to celebrate the holiday season, click on the image above to open the PowerGUI downloads page where you can pick the size (there are 8 to choose from) and flavour (we have freeware and Pro editions of the wallpaper) that you want.

Thanks again to everyone who uses PowerGUI for your support!  I look forward to continuing to work with you while taking PowerGUI Pro and PowerGUI to new heights in 2011!


Kirk out.

2 thoughts on “PowerGUI® reaches 1,000,000 downloads!

  1. I think these numbers actually do count both right-clicks and left-clicks. The only thing which they are missing are autoupgrades.

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