PowerShell MVP for 2012

Every year around Christmas I anxiously await the New Year to see if I receive the Microsoft MVP award again that year.  Well that email came on January 1, 2012, and I’m quite thrilled about this one because it’s a milestone this time (year 5 as a PowerShell MVP).  Thanks to the community for being so great to work with, and thanks to Microsoft both for recognizing individual efforts with the MVP program and for creating such great products like Windows PowerShell!  Work has never been so much fun!

Kirk out.

4 thoughts on “PowerShell MVP for 2012

  1. Kirk,
    I just hope you don’t slow down (just yet).
    You (especially you) and the community have done some very good things for PowerShell – and the IT industry as a whole.
    Some things people won’t realize for months from now. Peace be with you – and the rest of your comrades.

    Dave C.

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