Adam Driscoll talks about PowerShell and PowerGUI® on .NET Rocks!

Recently Adam Driscoll of PowerGUI VSX fame was a guest on the .NET Rocks! podcast show, chatting with Carl and Richard about his TFS plugin for Android, PowerShell, PowerGUI, and PowerGUI VSX.  Today that show was made available for download, so head on over to the .NET Rocks! page listen to Adam, Carl and Richard in Episode 647 of .NET Rocks!


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PowerScripting Podcast with Jeffrey Snover and Kenneth Hansen

Last week Hal Rottenberg and Jonathan Walz recorded another great episode of the PowerScripting Podcast, this time with Jeffrey Snover and Kenneth Hansen as guests.  Jeffrey and Kenneth talk about PowerShell of course, but also discuss the upcoming PowerShell Deep Dive event.  You can find the link to listen to the podcast along with the show notes here.

This podcast is a great source of PowerShell news and I highly recommend listening to it regularly.  It’s a great way to pass the time during your daily commute to and from work.  There are 141 episodes so far, with tons of great interviews and content, so check out this podcast when you have some time.  It’s definitely worth it.


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Come learn more about PowerGUI® on tonight’s PowerScripting Podcast

Over three and a half years ago, Jonathan Walz posted the very first recording of the PowerScripting Podcast, a podcast that is dedicated to PowerShell.  What started out as a small, solo effort that produced episodes on a not-so-regular basis matured into the best PowerShell podcast around, with two co-hosts (Jonathan Walz and Hal Rottenberg) that continually produce anywhere between 2 and 4 episodes every month!  To date there are 127 episodes available, full of PowerShell news, tips and tricks, and interesting interviews with people who are heavily invested in PowerShell.  It’s really a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about PowerShell during their daily commute, and I highly recommend checking it out.

As the PowerScripting Podcast evolved, so did the way in which it was recorded.  All recent episodes of the podcast are recorded live using UStream, which is great because it gives you a chance to hang out in the chat room and ask questions to the guest being interviewed.  All you need to do is visit the PowerScripting Podcast channel on UStream during the recording, which you can usually learn about by checking out the PowerScripting Podcast blog.  Recordings are typically done between 9 and 11PM EST on Thursday nights.

This time Hal and Jonathan are a little behind on putting out the announcement about the next podcast, but I have the inside scoop so I wanted to share the news to give you a chance to check it out.  Tonight I’ll be hanging out with Hal and Jonathan on the PowerScripting Podcast channel, and I welcome you to come and join me in the chat room and ask questions about PowerShell, PowerGUI, PowerGUI Pro, the PowerGUI Challenge contest, what it’s like being a Poshoholic, or anything else you feel like asking.

Hope to see you there!

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Hanselminutes Show #162: PowerShell 2.0

While I was at tech·ed 2009 last week I ran into Hal while he was waiting for Scott Hanselman to finish up a game of Rock Band so that he could participate in a session for Scott’s popular podcast, HanselminutesHal asked me if I wanted to participate, to which I said absolutely yes, and the result is a 35 minute discussion with Hal, Scott and I about PowerShell 2.0.

Hal’s an IT pro, and while I work with IT pros a lot these days I have a developer background, so we were able to speak to both sides of the fence and talk about why you should pay attention to PowerShell whether you’re a software developer or an IT pro.

That recording is now live, so if you want to hear it head over to Hanselminutes Show #162: PowerShell 2.0, and let me know what you think afterwards.

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