Hanselminutes Show #162: PowerShell 2.0

While I was at tech·ed 2009 last week I ran into Hal while he was waiting for Scott Hanselman to finish up a game of Rock Band so that he could participate in a session for Scott’s popular podcast, HanselminutesHal asked me if I wanted to participate, to which I said absolutely yes, and the result is a 35 minute discussion with Hal, Scott and I about PowerShell 2.0.

Hal’s an IT pro, and while I work with IT pros a lot these days I have a developer background, so we were able to speak to both sides of the fence and talk about why you should pay attention to PowerShell whether you’re a software developer or an IT pro.

That recording is now live, so if you want to hear it head over to Hanselminutes Show #162: PowerShell 2.0, and let me know what you think afterwards.

Kirk out.

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