Just Released: Advanced Reporting PowerPack

I just published a brand new PowerPack to the PowerPack Library called the Advanced Reporting PowerPack.  If you’ve been keeping your eyes on the Virtualization EcoShell project as well as PowerGUI, you may have already come across this PowerPack because I released it there first.

The Advanced Reporting PowerPack allows you to generate HTML reports with collapsible nested groups for any set of data in PowerGUI.  Think VMs, Snapshots, AD Users or Groups…you name it.  If you can get the data into a grid in PowerGUI, you can generate a nice HTML report using this PowerPack.  The only UI element this PowerPack adds to PowerGUI is a common action called “Create report…”.  This action does all of the heavy lifting to generate a cool HTML report for the items you have selected.

Want to see what how to get started using this PowerPack?  Watch this screencast:

If you would prefer to watch a higher resolution version, you can watch the screencast in flash format here.

This is only the first release of advanced reporting functionality in PowerGUI and already it’s really powerful.  Still, there is room for improvement so if you have any feedback, please share it with me in my comments or on the PowerGUI Forums so that I can consider it for the next release!

Thanks and enjoy!

Kirk out.

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