And along came PowerShell

Hello, my name is Kirk Munro and I’m a Poshoholic.

And I’m not talking in a Victoria Beckham kind of way either.  I guess it all started about 6 months ago.  Before that I wasn’t really that attached to any technology.  My evenings and weekends were free to do with whatever I would choose.  I would go to bed on time.  I’d watch more TV.

And along came PowerShell.

It wasn’t all that sudden, really.  I had already experimented with it when it was in beta and thought I knew what it was all about.  But shortly after it was released I finally decided to take a more serious look at it.  And then I started to really experience first-hand how PowerShell is rich.  Really rich.  And that there are really powerful tools for it too.  And a community that is growing very, very fast.  And it is just so rich.

So I’m finally starting something that has been on my todo list for a long time.  My own professional blog.  Until recently, I just hadn’t found the right inspiration for it.  But PoSh and the growing community around it gave me that inspiration.  This technology is just amazing, and with the community surrounding it growing stronger all the time this is likely going to be a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy it.  I think I will.

Kirk out.

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