New Year, new opportunities

2007 was a very memorable year for me.  It started out with some big surprises that I never had to deal with before and looked like it was going to be a very difficult year.  Then it progressed into a newfound obsession for PowerShell, the start of this blog, a great change in career (within a company instead of between companies, a first for me), and now it is ending with much anticipation for what’s coming next (I’m still waiting to see if the only Christmas present I’ve been hoping for is coming…just a few more days to find out).

Looking back, it was definitely one of my most challenging years ever and after pushing myself pretty hard and taking a few risks ended up being one of the most rewarding as well.  And it will likely be a year I never forget.

Looking forward, I can’t wait to see what opportunities the New Year brings!

Happy New Year everyone!

Kirk out.

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