Effective PowerShell

Keith Hill has started an “Effective PowerShell” series on his blog that allows you to learn from his experiences working with PowerShell for the past couple of years.  He has published 6 articles in this series so far, including:

  1. Effective PowerShell Item 1: The Four Cmdlets That are the Keys to Finding Your Way Around PowerShell
  2. Effective PowerShell Item 2: Use the Objects Luke. Use the Objects!
  3. Effective PowerShell Item 3: Know Your Output Formatters
  4. Effective PowerShell Item 4: Commenting Out Lines in a Script File
  5. Effective PowerShell Item 5: Use Set-PSDebug -Strict In Your Scripts – Religiously
  6. Effective PowerShell Item 6: Know What Objects Are Flowing Down the Pipe

These articles are very similar to the articles in my Essential PowerShell series.  There is a lot of useful information in these articles.  I encourage you to take the time and read them.

Kirk out.

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