Making it a little more official

I’m moving!

Well, not me really.  This blog.  I recently purchased, and I’m updating my blog service to start using the new domain name, which seems more fitting, instead of the current one.  Since this is software, and since moving anything rarely goes off without a hitch, I’m skeptical to think that this will be a perfectly smooth ride.  If you aren’t able to receive updates after the move for whatever reason, please let me know through comments on this blog.  Alternatively, if you’ve done this yourself already with your own blog and want to give me a heads up on something I should be aware of before making the switch, you can let me know that through the comments too!

I’m going to wait until late tomorrow to commit the changes so that existing subscribers will be able to get this message using the current configuration.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side,

Kirk out.

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