Lego PowerShell

My addiction is now starting to affect my family.

Earlier today my son was playing with some Legos while visiting with his grandparents.  He’s 8 and he primarily speaks French, but he also speaks a little bit of English.  Anyhow, among the Legos he was playing with was an old Shell gas station set.  He kept calling it PowerShell.  Gee, I wonder where he got that from…

Now I know that I’ve been talking about PowerShell way too much at home.  It’s starting to rub off!

Lego PowerShell

Maybe I should ask my employer to come out with kid-sized PowerGUI shirts for the budding Poshoholic! 🙂

Kirk out.

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3 thoughts on “Lego PowerShell

  1. Pretty cool. 🙂 Check with Alex Binotto – he had a few PowerGUI stickers. Not as cool as a shirt but at least something to put on a schoolbag!

  2. I got one of those stickers from Alex. Really nice! You’ve got to be kidding though if you think I’m giving such a cool sticker to my kids! Maybe Alex has some more… 🙂

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