PowerGUI®, Lego edition

My children made me really happy this morning.  It’s my birthday today, and every birthday I’m greeted by my son and daughter who are very anxious for me to come downstairs so that they can shower me with all sorts of gifts (cards they made, drawings, crafts, etc.).  It’s always a wonderful experience, but this time it came with something a little more unexpected.

This morning I was present with this wonderful gift:

PowerGUI Lego

How cool is that?  My son is a Lego fanatic and he and my daughter asked for a PowerGUI sticker a few weeks ago, which I happily gave to them.  The sticker looked something like this, minus the blue in the background:

Original PowerGUI Logo 

It turns out that this Lego project is the reason they wanted the sticker.  Quite a nice resemblance, don’t you think?  This wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have such a cool Logo for our product (thanks Dmitry!).  Sure, you could make a Lego mosaic version of the PowerShell Logo, but this is just so much more fun! Smile

Color me a happy camper today!

Kirk out.

P.S. This totally reminded me of a blog post I published over 3 years ago about Lego PowerShell.  PowerShell isn’t just about IT automation…it’s about fun toys for kids too! Smile


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