.NET Rocks! episode #311 and RunAs Radio episode #42 are now available

Just to follow-up on Monday’s post, the .NET Rocks! and RunAs recordings are now available.

.NET Rocks! episode #311 can be found here.

RunAs Radio episode #42 can be found here.

And in case you are just reading this now and didn’t see my other post, dnrTV episode #99 was posted on Sunday and can be found here.

If you have some time and want to learn more about PowerShell and PowerGUI, I encourage you to give these shows a listen.

Thanks again to Carl and Richard for inviting me to be on these shows and for setting up Kirk week on Pwop! 🙂  This has been a real treat.

As with anything I do, feedback is welcome and appreciated, positive or negative.

Kirk out.

P.S. If you like screencast or podcast recordings like this and would like to see more, let me know.  And don’t forget the PowerScripting Podcast, a bi-weekly podcast about all things PowerShell.

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