Quality, not quantity, for the most part

When I started this blog last year I set a personal goal to post something to this blog at least once a week.  I wasn’t that busy at the time and it figured like a reasonable thing to do.  Well it’s now been about 6 weeks since I last published anything on this blog, but not for lack of wanting.  Life simply became extraordinarily busy for all of February and the first part of March and there were simply too many higher priorities taking every minute of free time that I could muster for me to justify spending time writing something for my blog.

It’s not that writing a blog post is that complicated.  It’s just that I didn’t want to post just anything.  I tend to prefer posts that are a little less frequent but that hopefully offer a little more value to the reader than just reposting what’s already out there simply because I don’t have time to do anything else.  Quality, not quantity.  That reflects how I look at many things in life.  Perfectionism at its best.  It’s a gift…and a curse. 🙂

Well I think my preference for quality over quantity got the better of me and I’m sure I’ll be crazy busy like I was in February again in the future, so its time to rethink my approach to blogging.  I have lots of ideas on how to approach this, but I’ll need to experiment a little to see what works best.  Essentially I’m simply going to try and find a better balance between the meatier posts that I like to do to share the results my PowerShell research with you and lighter, shorter posts about what’s going on in the PowerShell space and about the cool things I’m working on in PowerGUI to maintain a better blog continuity going forward.  Hopefully you won’t see a break in posts like this happen again in the future.

If you stuck around, waiting for an update from me, thanks.  I’m going to do my best to make you happy that you did.

Kirk out.

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