Fall 2010 Wallpaper for PowerGUI® and PowerGUI Pro

With the change in seasons comes a change in the look of the PowerGUI site.  It happens so quickly online that it reminds me of the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter shaking briskly until all of a sudden all of its leaves drop immediately to the ground.

Since today is the first day of Fall (or Autumn, if you prefer; and I believe it was the first day of Fall yesterday in Europe), we have a beautiful new desktop background available for download.

Just click on the image above and you’ll see the downloads page where you can pick the size that you want.  Also while you are visiting our site you’ll see the new Fall theme applied to the menu.

Notice anything else different about these images?  Like the images used in the banner and badge for the contest that I announced yesterday, these images are sporting our new PowerGUI logo!  The train we use for our logo has always been an interesting subject of discussion, and now we have a new look for our favorite little train.  Also, this wallpaper is the first one that comes in two different flavors as well: one using the PowerGUI logo and another using the new PowerGUI Pro logo.  Check it out:


All sizes available for the new wallpaper are listed on the Downloads page on powergui.org.

One last note worth mentioning on this topic: I just reorganized our library by putting all of our desktop wallpaper images into one folder.  If you want to use a different desktop wallpaper that we have made available in the past, you can take your pick from any of the previous wallpaper images we have published in the PowerGUI Wallpaper folder on PowerGUI.org.

I hope you enjoy the change in seasons as much as I do!

Kirk out.

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