PowerGUI® Online

With the PowerGUI Challenge contest only a few weeks away, you may be wondering where you can go to learn more about PowerGUI in preparation for the contest.  Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for the kinds of things you can do by using PowerShell with PowerGUI so that you can plan an entry for the contest.  To help provide some assistance with this, a few minutes ago I just published the first release of the new PowerGUI Online Add-on.  This Add-on adds a new PowerGUI Online menu to your Script Editor that provides you with fast access to dozens of useful resources for PowerGUI.  It includes links to many online resources, including:

  • Contest resources
  • Discussion forums
  • Learning center
  • PowerPack categories
  • Script Editor Add-ons
  • PowerGUI Team members on Twitter
  • Developer resources (PowerGUI VSX)
  • The PowerGUI channel on YouTube
  • Request a script
  • and more!

There are a lot of online resources available to help you get the most out of PowerShell and PowerGUI, and this Add-on pulls them all together into one organized menu.

One thing I really like about this Add-on is that when you click on any of the items in this menu, if you are running the PowerGUI Script Editor in STA mode (which is the default) the associated web page will be loaded right in the Script Editor!  Here’s a screenshot showing the Add-on in action with the embedded web browser appearing as another tab in the Script Editor:


If you are not running in STA mode (which means you are running in MTA mode), then the web pages associated with the PowerGUI Online menu items will load in your default web browser when clicked on.

This is the first release of this Add-on, so please let us know what you think.  It’s really easy.  Just click on the Feedback menu item in the new PowerGUI Online menu and leave us a note on our forums.

Kirk out.

P.S. Keep watching this blog for more useful content related to the PowerGUI Challenge contest that is coming soon.

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