Kirk Munro, Microsoft MVP

Last night I hinted on my blog about the only Christmas present that I was hoping for possibly arriving in the next few days.  Well today it arrived, and color me a happy camper!

I just received the 2008 Microsoft MVP Award for my efforts in the PowerShell (Windows Server – Admin Frameworks) technical community during 2007!  What a great way to start off the New Year! )

I am truly honored to receive this award.  It has been a dream of mine for many years to become a Microsoft MVP, and I was just waiting for the right time and the right product/technology to come along to go after it.  As I indicated on my first blog entry in August last year, PowerShell came along and totally blew me away.  The PowerShell product and the incredibly rich community surrounding it continue to amaze and excite me, and this is only the beginning.

Many thanks to Microsoft for the award, and to supporters of my PowerShell work in the community.  A special thanks needs to be sent out to David Sengupta and Dmitry Sotnikov for their support as well — without their support I don’t know if this would have happened.  And lastly, thanks to my wonderful wife for supporting my efforts and putting up with many very long hours over the past year while I made my way through quite a few changes, this one included.

My PowerShell MVP profile can be found here.  It’s pretty empty at the moment, but I’ll be updating it very soon.

Thanks again everyone! 

Kirk out.

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6 thoughts on “Kirk Munro, Microsoft MVP

  1. Congratulations!

    Take an hour next time you are in Toronto and I will ask our guys there to serve you a bottle of champagne, or better, take a vacation to Sweden next time and I will personally serve you a glass of Swedish Absolute Vodka at the ice bar 😉
    (Only a small and politically correct glass of course)

  2. Congrats Kirk – welcome to the club. Hope to see you at the MVP Summit!

    And if you get the change, please take Magnus up on his invite to the Ice Bar (which is a very cool place!).


  3. Thanks everyone! Magnus, I hope I get the chance to take you up on your offer. The Ice Bar sounds like a fascinating place! (Plus I’ve never been to Sweden but I would absolutely love to visit).

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